Join the elite squad of account planners in Indonesia. 

Here at Lowe Indonesia we are always looking for people we can train to be world-class account planners or communication strategists in Indonesia. We are always a place for stellar talents, as we believe “getting the right people in the bus” — even though we are not quite sure yet where they are going to sit — is the first requirement to be a great agency.

We are looking for someone who is willing and able to be (re)trained as an account planner. 

Your responsibility as an account planner

As an account planner, your main responsibility is to provide good thinking so that good ideas materialize and get bought by the clients.

You will fulfil this responsibility by:

  • Conducting desk research (and sometimes primary research) to build the agency’s understanding on topics like market dynamics, consumer behavior, and the political, social, and cultural context influencing them
  • Keeping yourself updated with the latest scientific findings about human information processing and buying behavior
  • Collaborating with your colleagues in account management, so everyone has a clear picture about the business problem behind every single client brief
  • Developing campaign strategies in the form of creative brief, presentation, or long-form document; mostly in English
  • Collaborating with your colleagues in creative department, so that the ideas being developed will do what they need to do
  • Presenting and defending the thinking behind the ideas proposed by the agency
  • Providing counsel to clients that help solve their business problems or unlock growth.

The working conditions

You will join a small but agile team of other account planners, and you will work directly under the supervision of our Chief Strategy Officer, Paramita Mohamad.

You will collaborate with other small teams that consist of people from creative and account management, a different team for a different campaign or project.

You will always work with deadlines. Most of the time the deadlines are reasonable, but they are never overly generous.

You will have unlimited access to databank, both global and local, like CMI Online, Euromonitor, WARC, and Roy Morgan Single Source.

What you will get

You will be compensated fairly. You will also have awesome health benefit. We have the history of paying planners' salary above the industry average. But “fair” is the operative keyword: the higher your salary, the higher we will set the performance standard for you.

You will work closely with world-class talents.

You get the opportunity to get mentorship from the best talents in strategic planning on this side of the planet. When Mita (our CSO) is hiring planners, she is not hiring little assistants. She is hiring people who one day will be better than her and render her obsolete.

This does not mean that if you get the job you can come to work feeling entitled to mentorship. We second Sheryl Sandberg that it is not “get a mentor and you will excel”; but it is “excel and you will get a mentor”. Show up every day hungry, dedicated, and eager to learn.

The requirements

Account planning (or communication strategy) is the merger of rigourcuriosity, and creativity. This means you need to show us

  • You have an inquisitive mind. You are insatiably curious about a lot of things, not just people’s personal lives or advertising. You are a geek for at least about one topic that we know nothing of.
  • You have strong analytical thinking skills. Analytical thinking skills are critical in account planning because they help you to gather information, articulate, visualize, and solve complex problems. If you have strong analytical thinking skills, you can
    • Break down complex information into simpler parts, and those parts will have clear relationships with each other
    • Ask good questions that advance your information gathering process
    • See problems from different perspectives
    • Generate hypotheses based on facts
    • Come up with ways to test hypotheses and draw conclusions accordingly
    • Build arguments and gather evidence to support your premises.
  • You think critically
    • You know how to evaluate the veracity or the credibility of a piece of information
    • You can identify logical fallacies
    • You are aware of your own bias and prejudices
    • You are prepared to consider all possibilities or viewpoints
    • You have intellectual humility, you always keep the “I can be wrong” attitude.
  • You are creative
    • You can come up with original ideas
    • You can make a lot of associations from seemingly unrelated concepts
    • You can come up with lots of diverse ideas
    • You can take a novel approach (and not the typical one) to problem solving
  • You can express your thoughts clearly and concisely, in speaking and writing, in both Indonesian and English
  • Even if you are an introvert (as we suspect that most planners are), you know how to keep a good working relationship with people from many walks of life
  • You have self-discipline; you know how to manage your time and workload so you will never miss a single deadline and still have a life.

Show us you have what it takes. Take this assignment.

We have prepared some questions to you:

  1. Using a visual of cat meme, please persuade us why I should hire you.
  2. Explain when was the last time fiction changed the way you think about life or people. How did it change your view(s)?
  3. What’s one widely accepted truth that you quietly disagree with? Please elaborate why or how.
  4. Pick one of the followers of Charles Manson you want to interview. Write down 5 questions to him/her. Be as specific and as inquisitive as possible.
  5. Write down a short article in English, in less than 1000 words, about your opinions or views on this social campaign (“Tinju Tinja“ from Unicef, here). Please build a strong case for your premise.
  6. Write a short presentation on your proposed strategy for a campaign against the disbandment of Forum Pembela Islam.

You must answer all questions. Package those answers (except for the short article in Question 5) in a format that you can present live, in less than 30 minutes.

Before January 31, 2015, you need to have emailed Diana Prihatini (  to schedule a meeting with Mita in the first 2 weeks of February. 

You only need to send us your short article (Question 5) at least 24 hours before your meeting, as we don’t need to see your other answers beforehand.

Please hurry. We can’t wait to welcome and groom the next generation of world-class talents in our agency.