Lovve This: Music from The Sastro

The Sastro gained its popularity in mid-2000s, the prime decade when independent music made its way in Indonesia. It was formed by a few art and design students of Institut Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ), including Ary “Buy” Shandra who is currently working for Lowe Design. 

The band stood out against its peers with its distinctive sound, an eclectic mix of British pop and electronic New Wave, finessed with distorted guitar noise and jungle pop sound. Their debut album called “Vol. 1” was first released in cassette format, with notable songs such as “Lari 100”, “Kaktus”, “Sinyal” and “Plazamaya”. The CD was released soon after that. Later on, The Sastro was honoured to be part of Indonesian milestone compilation album JKT:SKRG (“Kaktus”) and Riot: A Thursday Riot Compilation (“Sinyal”).